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MiLB.TV Subscription Access

If you have additional questions or issues not addressed in this Frequently Asked Questions section, please check another subsection. For all MiLB.TV subscription and account issues, please contact our Customer Service team at or 866-644-2687.

Q. Where can I find additional support or customer service?

A. If your question isn't answered here, please check the other sections of the FAQs. You can also contact our Customer Service for all other MiLB.TV questions at or 866-644-2687.

Q. How do I access a live game with my MiLB.TV subscription?

A. The schedule of each day's live games is accessible from any page on To access it, roll your mouse over "MiLB.TV" in the horizontal menu at the top of the page. A dropdown menu will appear. Select MiLB.TV to access the Multimedia Center. Once a game broadcast is live, there will be a live icon Live next to a "Watch" link in the MiLB.TV Schedule. Click the Watch link for the game that you would like to see. On the MiLB First Pitch app, simply click the TV icon to view MiLB.TV broadcasts. Blackout restrictions may apply.

Clicking the link for the game will open the media player and ask you to log in using your MiLB.TV subscription username and password. Once you have logged in, the game will begin to play. If you have already logged in, the stream should load without a login prompt.

Q. I purchased a discounted MiLB.TV account when I purchased MLB.TV, but I can't login.

A. You should have received an activation link in an email when you purchased the subscription. Please click the link in that email and it will prompt you to create an account for MiLB.TV. If you're unable to locate the email or are having problems, please email our customer service team at or call or 866-644-2687, and they can help set you up.

Q. Can I watch MiLB.TV on my phone?

A. Yes -- MiLB.TV is availble for iPhone and Android via the MiLB First Pitch app -- MiLB.TV streams and archives as well as select Gameday audio streams are available on certain mobile devices. Download the MiLB First Pitch App in the iTunes App Store or on Google Play and log in with your MiLB.TV account to watch live streams and games on demand. Accessing Gameday audio streams does not require a MiLB.TV subscription. Your devices must be comply with the following operating system standards to watch MiLB.TV:

• iOS 10 or higher
• Android 4.0 or higher

Q. What are the requiremnets to watch MiLB.TV on my computer?

A. You'd need to have Adobe Flash Player enabled in your browser. You can download it here.

Q. I'm watching a game but I can't hear any audio. What's wrong?

First, try another game to make sure it's not a volume issue with your machine, browser or your Flash plugin. If we know in advance that no audio will be available for the game, a message will be posted on the video feed itself advising that there is no audio available. However, occasionally due to technical issues at the ballparks, we may become aware that audio is not working once the stream has already begun. In such cases, we would need to disconnect the video stream in order to correct the audio problem, which is a user experience we aim to avoid. In most cases, our multimedia department is aware of such audio issues and is working with the team to get it resolved, either that day or by the following game. If you'd like to report an issue regarding a lack of audio or low-volume audio, you can provide feedback here.

Q. When will games archives be available?

A. Full game archives are processed as soon as possible and may take up to 48 hours to be available for viewing following the game's conclusion.

Q. How do I access an archived game with my MiLB.TV subscription?

A. You can access the schedule of games from any page on Roll your mouse over "MiLB.TV" in the horizontal menu on top of any page. A drop down menu will appear. Select "MiLB.TV." In the First Pitch app, click the arrows to navigate to your desired date.

Games available for on-demand viewing will be indicated by the archive icon Archive. You can find these archived games in the same location as the live games in the MiLB.TV Schedule. You can also access archived games from previous days, months or seasons by clicking on the "Open Calendar" link above the schedule and selecting the date of the desired game.

Q. How do I install Adobe Flash Player?

A. You can install Adobe Flash Player here.

Windows users, keep in mind that Internet Explorer requires an installation separate from the installation using Firefox, Chrome or other browsers. If you use multiple Internet browsers you will need to install Adobe Flash Player separately, one time for Internet Explorer and one time all other Internet browsers.

Q. Can I access my subscription from any computer, anywhere, at anytime?

A. Yes, as long as the computer meets the system requirements, you can log in with your registered email address and password from anywhere at anytime.

Q. Can I share my account with others?

A. No, sharing your username and password is strictly prohibited.

Q. I am trying to access a game but am getting an error message that I am already logged in on another computer.

A. In rare cases, customers have forgotten to log out of their account on one computer and have tried to log in again on a separate computer. Since sharing of a single username and password is strictly prohibited, you will get an error message. If you receive such an error message, please contact Customer Support toll-free in the U.S. at 866-644-2687 or e-mail

Q. The game has started, but the link to view the game live is not available. What do I do?

A. You may need to reload the page. Click the Refresh button in your Internet browser.

Q. Should I log in first, or can I go straight to the game?

A. You must be logged in to begin watching a game. If you click to view or listen to a game before logging in to, you will be prompted you to log in.

Q. I tried to log in to view a game and received a message telling me that I have logged in too many times, or am logged in on multiple computers. What should I do?

A. Please confirm that other people are not using your account. If you have shared your account information with other people, then you may be prevented from logging in to your account. If you are worried that others are accessing your account, you should change your password under your account profile.

The best way to prevent this error is to log out of every time you are finished watching games by clicking the "Logout" button on the top right of any page. The next time you would like to watch a game, you will be prompted to log in before the game launches.

If you have already seen this error message, and you are sure that no one else is using your account, log out of, close all of your open browser windows and exit your browser. Next, relaunch your browser and click on the game that you would like to watch in the Multimedia Center. You will be prompted to log in again.

Q. How can I cancel my subscription?

A. To cancel your subscription, please visit the Subscriptions section within your account profile. You can also cancel by contacting Minor League Baseball Customer Support toll free within the U.S. at 866-644-2687 or via e-mail at To provide the highest possible customer satisfaction, we will provide a full refund for any subscription canceled within five (5) days. If you cancel following the fifth (5th) day after your purchase date, then your cancellation will be effective as follows:

Yearly subscription: Cancellation of each year after (and not including) the year during which you cancel. NOTE: Each year of your subscription concludes on March 31 of each subsequent year.

Annual Automatic Renewal of Yearly Service: If you cancel your yearly subscription Service as set forth immediately above, it will not automatically renew in any subsequent year.

Monthly subscription: Cancellation of each month after (and not including) the month during which you cancel. NOTE: the first month of your subscription concludes thirty (30) days after your initial purchase date and each subsequent month thirty (30) days thereafter.

Annual Automatic Renewal of Monthly Service: If you cancel your monthly subscription Service as set forth immediately above, it will not automatically renew annually unless you elect at the time of your cancellation request to renew (i.e., re-start) your monthly subscription Service in the following MiLB season. Any cancellation request following such an annual automatic renewal of your monthly Service will be handled in a manner consistent with this FAQ and the Terms of Use.

In no event will Minor League Baseball grant you more than one (1) refund during any given MiLB season or provide partial or pro-rated refunds.