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9 Innings of Reading Program

9 Innings of Reading Program

Lewis and Clark, Whittier, Valley View, Roosevelt, Sunnyside, Belt, West, and Power

For nearly 2,500 students at 8 different elementary schools in Great Falls and in surrounding towns, the last bit of school before summer break was a different ball game. Every week means a new inning, and every Monday brought another at-bat. The more pages or more time that each student read guaranteed a stronger hit and a special prize from the Voyagers.

So far for our 2018 reading program, the students are swinging for the fences and have been reading a TON! Check out how many prizes have been earned so far this year:

Thru Week 5:

891 Pencils


962 Key Chains

524 Magnet 

1,139 Color Changing Cups 

1,171 Flyers 

1,468 FREE Ticket Vouchers

6,607 TOTAL Prizes

To make it even better, everyone who has a hit in every inning receives the best prize of all: a special party with everyone's favorite alien…ORBIT!

Congratulations and a BIG thank you to all the students who are participating this year!