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The Mudcats Facebook Page is the ultimate online community for Mudcats fans. Be sure to check-in on Facebook when attending Mudcats games at Five County Stadium to stay current with game details. Visit the page to see photos of community events, game events, and much more. Win prizes with our Trending Tuesday Contests and relive the past with Throwback Thursdays and Flashback Fridays. Stay up to date all the latest news stories about the Carolina Mudcats on and off the field.



The Carolina Mudcats Twitter Account is the quickest way to find all of the Mudcats breaking news. From in-game updates, long road trips, and events occurring at Five County Stadium. Also, make sure to check in on our Trending Tuesdays for a chance to win a Mudcats Prize.



The Carolina Mudcats Instagram Page is best source to see all the snapshots collected around Five County Stadium. Our pictures range from game day line ups, community appearances, fan experiences, and of course our pal Muddy!



The Carolina Mudcats YouTube Channel has all the visual entertainment you will ever need. We have it all covered from player interviews to the wacky stunts our Mudcats Staff come up with!.